Quiz Answers

1 - ASCII stands for:
a) American Standard in Computer Information Intelligence
b) Americans Sitting Curiously In Igloos
c) American Standard Code for Information Interchange
d) Americans Standard Code in Inequality Inconsistencies

2 - ASCII code uses what amount of bits to represent characters and symbols?
a) 7-bit & 8-bit
b) 8-bit & 16-bit
c) 16-bit & 32-bit
d) 8-bit & 7-bytes

3 - The success of the ASCII code is due to the fact that:
a) It was designed uniquely and operates independantly offering an uncompared code
b) It allowed personal computers to read the same basic values from the same basic combinations if bits
c) It allowed users to create their own bit sequences to perform tasks
d) It conquered global warming with its eyes closed

If you did not get all the answers correct, try viewing the information again.
If you scored positively on this quiz, congratulations! ;D


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