Floating Precariously and therefore furthermore frivolously on tectonic plates

Yo jake edit this page and type something if u can see this right nowww! rawr.
hahahahahahaha hey bru.. we so outsmarted him ;)
O and btw, can u save that document of what we have to put in the page, into studentshare?
woah. except blondey nd every 1 can get onto this site aswell? i think cos i edited the main page? :S ;S nd chyeah il put it in under jakes1 kk?
i can haz cheezeburger?
yes u can haz cheezeburger. omnomnomlol?
agfagfash hao ag argf a goatse aergt ae lol lrag lo arg aerg aera cats asaergh aer gae cheezeburgers

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