Floating Precariously And Therefore Furthermore Frivolously On Tectonic Plates

ahk man yeh i found it, try not to let alex find this one ay lol
yeh idk this is weird. i removed it from our assignment page but idk this is a strange site the links are weirddd :l …we should probly do the assignment nao? to get to this jst go thru the list all pages link aye that will do. lets do the assignment. did u get the file from jewshare?
-yeah i got it… problem is but we can only have one of us editing the page at the same time? We should prob do them seperatle and do different sections then join them at the end?
yeh do u have a textbook? im doing character representation u do integer representation for now (Y) we got notes but it shld be in the textbook. i have a textbook in my locker if u need…but theres like 10 mins left lol

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