Two's Complement

Two's complement is a modification of the 'one's complement method'. There were problems with the original method, such as the problem of there being two ways to represent the decimal number '0'; '00000000' and '11111111'. Problems such as this resulted in the modification of one's complement, and the creation of the two's complement method.

Two's Complement represents a negative number by adding to the one's complement of the number. For example, the ones complement of 10001110 is 01110001. Therefore, the two's complement of 01110001 is that number plus 1, which equals 01110010.

Binary Number One's Complement Two's Complement
00000000 11111111 00000000
10000000 01111111 10000000
01001110 10110001 10110010
10001011 01110100 01110101
00010101 11101010 11101011

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